Congress leader stoops low, ridicules Covid-19 infected Sambit Patra

Humanity is an emotion that very few possess, and sometimes people do not understand that becoming human is more important than any riches. Hot debates on political parties on silliest things are not new in India. However, the crooked mindsets of some politicians tarnish the image of the whole party in front of the public. One such incident happened recently wherein a Youth Congress leader stoops low to insult another politician from BJP.

In the present times of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the country is going through tough situation. The government is trying its best to handle the situation by taking active measures. Common man or politician, this deadly pandemic has not spared anyone. The cases are increasing everyday and many politicians are also tested positive for corona virus.

But what happens when someone insults you just because you are corona positive? A tweet by a Youth Congressman – Bunty Shelke has been in limelight these days but for all the negative reasons. His tweet made people criticize him for making fun of the BJP politician – Sambit Patra.

The BJP leader Sambit Patra had been tested positive for corona virus and had been quarantined at his home in a condition like any other corona patient. Bunty Shelke however, finds humor in it and stoops low to ridicule Covid-19 infected Sambit Patra. In his twitter tweet, he shared a picture of Sambit Patra being treated and captioned it “Pehchan Kon” which means “Recognize who this man is?”.

This act of the Youth Congress leader is too shameful as he tried to insult someone who is dealing with a pandemic disease. Is this what a politician of the Congress party expected to do? Did he not know that Humanity comes first and ridiculing someone based on their health conditions is not a humane act?

In the picture he shared, Sambit Patra has been quarantined and covered fully in his treatment for Corona Virus. Insulting someone like this is not at all a funny act and Twitterattis ridiculed this Congressman harshly. People got angry and started demeaning Bunty Shelke through their tweets asking how he can stoop this low? Questions were raised on the mentality of the Congress party and its leaders by the public.

This tweet by the Congressman is not at all human and it had only degraded the party’s political image in front of the people. Political rivalry is a different thing but this incident in which the Congress leader stoops low and insults Sambit Patra when he is in affect of Covid-19 is disturbing. However bad it is at the forefront, politicians should never combine politics to ridicule anyone on this level.

Dipiya is a Journalist at The YOUTH - She is a Truth Seeker and is interested in matters that matter. Being a Divergent with a pinch of awesomeness & a single aim to make a difference, Dipiya is determined to make India aware of the real issues.