Pakistan saves Indian aeroplane with 150 passengers during emergency

It is cognisance of the fact that Pakistan had permanently closed its airspace on February in the wake of airstrikes with India. Amid growing tensions between the two nations, one good thing had happened which touched the hearts of the Indians.

In what was a great display of civic and moral sense by Pakistani air traffic controller, it had helped a plane from India, thereby saving the lives of 150 passengers during an emergency situation.

An airline which was flying to Muscat carrying as many as 150 passengers from Jaipur in India was rescued by an air traffic controller from Pakistan at the right time after it ran through extreme weather conditions as per the media reports.

Pakistan-based ‘The News International’ had reported that the airline flying over Karachi was caught in the middle of lightning. It had no other option but to drop down from a massive height of 36,000 feet to 34,000 feet quickly.

The report went on to add saying that the pilot immediately launched emergency protocol and broadcast “Mayday” to the nearby stations.

Thankfully, air traffic controller from Pakistan had replied to the call of pilot and directed it through the abnormal air traffic in the area for the remaining travel journey in the Pakistani airspace.