the hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay was trending number one in Qatar and number 2 in UAE before it started to trend in India. At a time when the hashtag was on top in the two conutries, it was infact out of the top 20 trends in India. It got 4.4 million in no time in Qatar- the country whose total population is only 2.7 million.

There are many historic towns in Saudi Arabia. Gyms are available in every village of Saudi Arabia. Roads in villages are wide

Several historical references point that demolition of the temple and building of the mosque was also resisted for a period of around 15 days, following which many Hindus were massacred, looted and women were raped. Also, more than 76 attempts were said to have been made to pull down the mosque, before it was finally achieved by Hindu activists in 1992, an event preceded and followed by violence and bloodshed.