About Us

You have every right to know us:

The Youth is India’s Biggest youth media. We do mostly highlight success stories from all across the nation in an attempt to insire young readers. For several decades, main stream media inclined towards extreme left ideology, however pretended to be neutral. They have done much damage to the psycology of Indian society, leaving no stone unturned to erase Indian values from our mindset. The Youth is a counter response to the leftist propaganda. We believe in centre-right ideology. Centre because we have to weigh every issue before we present to you, and Right because we need to bring equilibrium to journalism in India,  which is the need of the hour.

Our History:

The Youth is based in Delhi and Indore. It was founded in March 2016 aiming at highlighting the national interest issues, which are deliberately overlooked by the mainstream media. In the worst case scenarios, nationalist Indians are even labelled as ‘Hitler’. The Youth was started with a mere blog apparantly no one was there to read us, our dedication towards our goal brought us millions of followers both on social media and on blog over the next few years. Today The Youth has become of amomghts the leading digital news platforms in the country.

Our Aim:

TheYouth now aims to expand further thereby we plan to launch Hindi version so that our voice can be heard even in the Hindi belt too. If you wish to help our team in any way, conatct us at [email protected]