Just have a look at luxurious villages of Saudi Arabia | The Youth report

There are many historic towns in Saudi Arabia. It does not take too much time to roam the village on foot. The houses in the village are made entirely of stone and many houses, in fact, are multi-storied. From far houses look like they are built on top of the marble. The specialty of these villages is that they have become a tourist spot. Many people from other countries come to Saudi Arabia to see the beauty of the country.

Gyms are available in every village of Saudi Arabia. Roads in villages are wide and you can find several mosques in the area. Houses have been built in rows and cars are parked outside the house. While building a house, they always leave enough space for parking the car. Houses are recognized by door nameplates. Some people in the village keep drivers in their house. In Saudi Arabia, the climate is generally desert, and it’s very hot in summer across the country. The rains are very scarce almost everywhere. There are also big markets which are about 20 km far from the village.

(Credits: albasateen-village.com)

The government has invested a huge amount in housing construction. It provides low-interest or interest-free loans to citizens wishing to purchase or build homes. Over the years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

has seen vast changes in various aspects of life. The improved economy, government policies, and communication have positively impacted the residents’ lifestyle. The most notable is the continuous support that the country has provided to its residents through various housing programs.

Significant amounts of funds are allocated for developing houses in villages. Several projects are still underway to provide to build magnificent houses. One can see increased development in the villages of the country. Saudi Arabia is an up-and-coming real estate investment platform for all local and international companies.

While large families always prefer larger houses, Affluent families like to reside in large villas and the middle-class tends to live in large apartments. The poorer residents like to live in small houses and smaller apartments that aren’t well maintained. 

The main materials used were stone, wood, and mud. All buildings were built with mud and wood (mainly palm wood) except for the Western and Southern areas of Saudi Arabia

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