Top Secret Indian Operation “Whitewash” which costed Pakistan 124 soldiers in a few seconds?

KALI was developed by the DRDO as a Particle Accelerator to remove snow from strategic locations and to clear trails of patrols. But in recent years it is claimed to have caused instantaneous and brutal damage to a Pakistani base in lower Saltoro Range just on the other side of Siachen Glacier by artificially causing an avalanche. The data and facts on the operation and the machine are obscured. But when asked about KALI-5000 in the Parliament, Fmr. Defence Minister, late Shri Manohar Parrikar declined to answer citing national security reasons.

The plan, which had sprung up in the mind of a RAW(Research and Analysis Wing) officer posted on the LoC, was to use snow as an instrument of war had been inspired by linear injectors like KALI was. It involved weaponizing the prototype snow remover used by Border road organization to clear pathways.

Hatching the Plan

At first, the plan was cast aside citing the diplomatic catastrophe of a failed execution. However intricate presentation and attention to details persuaded the Director of RAW to take it up with PM and NSA. Erstwhile PM Manmohan Singh agreed after NSA’s confirmation even though he was unable to discover any extent of political mileage out of it. Chief of RAW handpicked individuals from RAW, DRDO (LASTEC and SASE), Army and Air force for the activity. Operation “Whitewash” was formally set afoot.

6 Nothern Light Infantry BN HQ was set apart as “test” zone. A team visited “S” post at 21,000 feet in Siachen from where unit HQ of 6 NLI was visible. SASE group mapped the region and recognized conceivable trigger focuses to cover the “test” territory under massive amounts of snow. It was decided to use airborne version of KALI. Two IL-76s were deputed to ARC (Aviation Research Center) from IAF.

Quickly those were flown by ARC pilots to Charbatia Airbase close Cuttack in Odisha. The IL-76s were fitted with KALI-50000W. The operation required high accuracy “shooting”. IL 76’s was to fly at 30000 feet and far away from Siachen. BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center), Mumbai recommended to move the strike hour either in early morning or late night to dodge any diversion. The team decided to begin “shooting” around 4 a.m. toward the beginning of the day, a day prior to Mr. Zardari’s Delhi visit.

Execution Day

IL-76 flew from Sarsawa and before long situated themselves at the necessary height and preassigned directions. 1 AWACS and 1 IL-78 airborne re-fueler took off from Agra and were offered co-ordinates and call hints to help 2 grouped flying articles over Uttarakhand skies. Crude operations are in every case carefully need to know premise. AWACS staff was minimal perplexed seeing barely any plain material men on board supervising them, yet no one doubted. AWACS were additionally entrusted to vector in 6 Mirages from Gwalior and 4 SU 30s from Lohegaon (Pune) on the side of those 2 ordered flying items. Illusions and SU 30s were airborne since 2 in the first part of the day and alternating to examine the zone around 2 obscure feathered creatures.  

At 4, dawn, the shooting began and true to form early morning conditions helped a great deal in accuracy. SASE group had reserved the focuses after point by point examination of pictures at satellite information gathering focus and 3-D Terrain Visualization Center. DRDO’s KALI was taking shots at right places with laser firearm being taken care of with exact directions. By 5:40 AM gigantic snow begun tearing towards fields where 6 NLI BN HQ was arranged. It was a dry snow torrential slide and soon enormous sections of snow achieved speed of around 300km/hour. Stations of 6 NLI troops and other Pakistani soldiers more likely than not had seen the mass of snow descending and may have tried to caution the HQ.

Shock and Awe

In any case, that gigantic torrential slide had snapped the correspondence lines as well as affected away a few stations. Furthermore, 300km/hour is a speed combined with thousand tons of cruising mass. Indeed, even Indian recon party present at “S” was stunned on see such huge torrential slide. Inside 10-15 minutes everything was secured with 80-100 feet of day off. Indian troopers looking that were shocked as well. 

2 Choppers flew from Thoise airbase to “A” post at 8 AM. 6 Cheetah Helicopters were additionally prepared at Siachen Base camp 1 hour before 2 Mi-17s i.e. at 7 AM. 6 Cheetahs flew after hole of 5 minutes with one another and goal was “S” post. Undertaking was to pick the gathering of “regular citizens” and their types of gear who were dropped a month back on postal-stamp size platform of post “S”. Cheetahs were assumed to carry those regular citizens to post “An” at 16,000 feet from where they will board Mi17s to move down to Thoise. KALI conveying IL76s were back at their base Charbatia as were their escorts.  


It was a devastating hit to Pakistan’s strategic situation in Siachen. With Pakistan Army involving just downhill highlights in Siachen and Soltoro ranges India can take out each one of those situations without shooting a projectile and no involuntary blow-back. IL 76 mounted KALI symbol is broad starting at now and not suitable against little fringe stations. DRDO is sure of building up a handheld or minimized form soon for use of KALI against such targets. KALI is likewise exceptionally valuable and successful in “searing” up electronic circuits from extensive separation and with no natural eye noticeable beams. That can have wide scope of use structure rocket protection framework to satellite executioner or snapping out correspondence of a moving reinforced section or making an AWACS an obvious target.  

In Indian military and security circles this accomplishment is being compared to Bana Singh’s heroics when he steered the Quaid present in 1987 on vanquish most commanding part of whole Glacier. 

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