Bangladeshi renowned author Taslima Nasrin makes a shocking revelation, says kids are raped in Mosques daily

Taslima Nasrin, a renowned writer of Bangladesh origin has raised questions against the immoral misconduct that occurs in the name of religion. Taslima Nasrin has alleged that rapes happen every day in mosque-madrasas of Bangladesh. Mocking the mosque-madrasas of Bangladesh through her social media account on Twitter, Taslima Nasrin wrote in a tweet,

‘Imams and madrasas teachers rape children in mosques and madrasas of Bangladesh every day. They rape in the name of Allah. They know that Allah is merciful, Allah will forgive their sins only because they recite Namaz 5 times a day.’

It is not the first time that the Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin is in the midst of controversy, she has often made satirical remarks on the adversities and hypocrite religious customs. Earlier, Taslima Nasreen had been in the limelight for a statement on Khatija Rahman, the daughter of Oscar Award winner composer AR Rahman. Taslima Nasreen said that she felt suffocated after seeing Khatija Rahman, daughter of AR Rahman in a burqa. The discussion started a controversy on social media.

It is no new news that she is often targeted by fundamentalists. A fatwa has been issued against Taslima Nasreen several times and she has also received death threats. The situation blew so out of proportion that Taslima Nasreen had to be deported from her country Bangladesh. She is currently residing in New Delhi, India.