Arvind Kejriwal is a diabetes patient, but he is eating sweets in Jail

Arvind Kejriwal is in jail on ED remand in the liquor scam case. A new news has come out from this case, Kejriwal is a diabetic patient and hence remains cautious about controlling the amount of sweets in his diet. However, some media reports claim that sweets are being sent to Kejriwal inside the jail among the food being sent from home. After all, what is the reason behind this, or is there any conspiracy of Arvind Kejriwal in this?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, a Type-2 diabetes patient, was given insulin in Tihar Jail after his sugar level reached 320, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sources said on Tuesday. The insulin controversy escalated when the Enforcement Directorate alleged last week that Kejriwal was eating mangoes, aloo puri, and sweets daily in an attempt to raise his blood sugar levels and create grounds for medical bail.

Due to this controversy, many videos have gone viral on social media in which it is being claimed that this could be a conspiracy of Arvind Kejriwal because despite being a patient of Type-2 diabetes, he eats aloo puri, mango, And consuming sweets. And all this food is from the food sent from their home. Arvind Kejriwal is deliberately spoiling his health so that he can get bail for a medical emergency.

Consuming sweets can be harmful for diabetic patients, especially when they do not follow the prescribed diet to keep it under control. This may increase their blood count, which may worsen the condition.

This controversy is increasing further after watching the viral videos. Viral videos get millions of views. After the video went viral, users are sharing many types of reactions. And many people are also raising objections to this, why a prisoner is being given the facility of home food. And many users are also trolling Kejriwal by making humorous comments.

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