Thailand Scientists discover cure for Coronavirus, it can treat the disease in 48 hours

Coronavirus has been in the news ever since it affected thousands of people across China. The deadly virus has created a stir across the world after hundreds of people dead in China. The disease has drawn everyone’s attention to Coronavirus. The World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a global emergency after it spread quickly from China to other countries.

Amid worldwide panic over the dangerous virus, Thailand Scientists have discovered a cure for Coronavirus that can treat the disease in 48 hours. Doctors claim they’ve discovered a cocktail of drugs that effectively treats the dangerous Coronavirus. While speaking to the media, they said that a combination of flu and anti-AIDS drugs has effectively treated a 71-year-old patient who tested positive for the virus.

The drug cocktail has been proven to work effectively for patients who are suffering from coronavirus. The flu/anti-AIDS drug combination is believed to be very effective to cure the dangerous virus as the coronavirus has no medicine. Thai doctors declared the drug cocktail combination a success after they successfully treated a 71-year-old woman who infected with the new coronavirus.

“We checked and found that Mers patients were effectively treated with flu medications. Furthermore we added anti-retrovirals with great results. After 10 days of positive readings, the test finally came back negative 48 hours after administering the medications. The treatment, as well as the recovery, is fast,” doctors said.

“Other coronavirus patients will now be treated with the flu/anti-AIDS drug combination. Especially as this combination has proved to be effective on patients with serious symptoms.”

At the media briefing, doctors claimed Thailand has witnessed 19 confirmed cases of the virus, out of which 11 patients are still in hospital and the rest have been successfully treated. Now the infections caused by the virus can be treated in just 48 hours. It has been learnt that over 300 people have lost their lives because of coronavirus in China.

Recently, a student from Kerala infected with the new coronavirus who tested positive for the virus after which the Kerala government declared a state-wide emergency. The patient was believed to be a student of Wuhan University in China. However, India has already started evacuating its citizens from Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly virus.

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