Kaveri Priyam opens up on casting couch in the industry, read more details

The casting couch is a practice of asking for sexual favours from a job applicant in exchange for a job in the entertainment industry, especially acting roles. The casting couch originally referred to physical couches in the casting office. This practice is termed illegal in the United States.

Male casting directors, as well as, film producers use the casting couch in a bid to extract sex from ambitious actresses in Hollywood, Bollywood and other segments of the cinema industry.

Several actresses in the Indian film industry have been a victim of sexual harassment. Time and again, actresses have spoken up against the casting couch and harassment. Previously, #MeToo movement hit the headlines which exposed some popular names from several professional fields across the country.

Kaveri Priyam opens up on casting couch in the industry, read more details

Kaveri Priyam opens up on casting couch in the industry

Kaveri Priyam is a popular Indian actress who predominantly plies her trade in Hindi television. She is best known for her performances in Kuhu Maheshwari Rajvansh in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke and Dr. Monami Mahajan in Ziddi Dil Maane Na. As things stand, she plays Amrita in Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan.

Meanwhile, Kaveri Priyam has opened up on casting couch in the showbiz industry. “When I came to Mumbai I had no one’s support or no one to guide where to go for auditions. During that period I met a lot of people who would give examples of other actresses and tell me that they have become stars by using shortcut routes.

“I had a very tough time during that phase because I didn’t know how to react. Also, deep down I knew that this is not the right path and it won’t last for long. These shortcuts are not long lasting, they won’t take you ahead in life.

“What will take you ahead is your talent. But when you see someone in a strong position sitting there and giving you gyaan. I used to make excuses that my mother is waiting down, she is calling me and would leave from there. I remember once a casting director made an indecent proposal in return of work; I cried my eyes out,” she said in an exclusive interview with Economic Times.