“Not a single person starved during Lockdown”, Says Goverment of India

It has been estimated by the experts that numerous migrant workers must have had been starving from days during lockdown. However, the recent statement by Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal reveals a different plot. According to the Government of India, not a single person starved during lockdown in the 3 months.

He said that there was no starvation case reported in the country as people from different backgrounds came to help each other. This helped improve the situation of the country and India’s 130 crore population must be applauded for that.

Piyush Goyal has been in news since the Government helped the migrant workers reach their homes by running the special ‘shramik trains’. He during a press conference on Thursday said that the government has been doing everything and focusing a lot on citizens’ health, and as a result not a single person starved during lockdown.

The Union Railways Minister also said that the Center had been continuously working on taking inputs related to the pandemic situation. This is done so as to implement and analyze effective measures in the prevention of Covid-19.

He also appreciated the efforts of Indians in helping the government tackle the situation and said that the success is a result of the social distancing and patience of 130 Crore Indians.

In the same event, Kaushik Basu who is the former World Bank Chief Economist and Chief Economic Advisor of India advised the government so that the situation can be improved. His advice was specifically concerned for the migrant workers.

He told that the immediate concern of the government must be addressing the needs of thousands of people who are walking miles to reach their home. The government should take effective and immediate measures to help solve their problems.  

The corona virus pandemic has brought the daily wage workers to their lowest as millions of workers are sidelined and have no work since the lockdown has been imposed on the country.

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