Accused Anti-national JNU student leader Kanhaiya, fails in exams for the 11th time?

As per sources, Kanhaiya Kumar, a student leader of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, is in the news again, for negative reasons, as has been the case with him before. Kanhaiya, who shot into limelight, when he was arrested for supporting slogans like “Kashmir maange aazaadi” and “Bharat tere tukde honge” inside the university campus in February 2016, has failed in his university exams for the 11th time.

Since, it is very well known, that Kanhaiya Kumar is studying in a prestigious university like JNU, only because of the taxpayers of this country, who are funding the education for students like him indirectly, as their tax is utilized in building and improving government educational institutions like the JNU. People are questioning his dismal academic performance, in the wake of his political activities, which he is running from the campus.

According to sources, Kanhaiya is deliberately failing in his exams, because he wants to stay on the campus. Some of them say, he is doing so at the behest of his political masters, who want him to stay inside JNU, and conduct anti-national activities on the campus as well as all over the country. In this way, he’ll be able to avoid being arrested, as he can say that he’s just a student, and the government is suppressing his right to free speech.

They add that he has been ordered and supported by opposition parties and even an enemy nation’s intelligence agency, to continue his seditious anti-India propaganda, until the 2019 general elections, so that the country gets divided on religious and caste lines very badly, and there is chaos all over. As a consequence of this, India can then be broken into many independent parts, and made weak forever.

Though it’s very difficult to do so, but history tells us that India was invaded by foreign rulers, only because of traitors. The ruler of Kannauj – Jaichand, declined help to Prithviraj Chauhan in the 2nd Battle of Tarain in 1192 AD against Ghori, as he grudged him. The Youth thinks that India needs to guard against such sinister plans, and the government must ensure that taxpayers money is not utilized in breaking the country.

Disclaimer: The above story has reached us from reliable sources. In addition, some fairly popular websites of The Right Wing claim the same as well. We could not talk to the university authorities therefore TheYouth is unable to verify the claims. 

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