Mia Khalifa Punches A Fan Who Took Selfie With Her, Here’s What She Tweeted

Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista is enjoying the new role of sports activities commentator. She is also a webcam mannequin. The Lebanese-American social media character shot to prominence in January 2014 when she entered the grownup film and by December 2014 she was topping the charts of online adult websites.

She was plying her trade as a bartender and a part-time mannequin when she was first approached for a career in grownup films. In an interview, she admitted that her modelling profession was just for 3 months. She quit the grownup film business in 2015. Needless to say, she continued working as a webcam woman.

Mia Khalifa Punches A Fan Who Took Selfie With Her, Here's What She Tweeted

Besides working as a webcam woman, she also runs a YouTube channel and is a sports activities commentator. She commonly makes use of her social media platforms to promote merchandise and numerous manufacturers, like different influencers.

Mia Khalifa has also been vocal about her experiences in the adult industry and the challenges she faced after leaving it.

Mia Khalifa Punches A Fan Who Took Selfie With Her

While strolling through the streets of Texas, Mia Khalifa was approached by an enthusiastic fan who didn’t hesitate to take a photo with her without asking for permission. However, Mia wasn’t pleased with the intrusion and responded by playfully tapping the fan, reminding him of personal boundaries.

Following the incident, the fan took to Twitter to recount the encounter, noting that Mia’s casual punch may have left a minor bruise on his cheek. The post quickly gained traction and went viral.

However, Mia’s loyal fans swiftly came to her defense, pointing out that they had never experienced such behavior from her and suggesting that the fan’s failure to ask for permission may have contributed to the unexpected reaction.

Here’s what Mia Khalifa responded!