Online love: 20yr old boy falls in love, the girl turns out to be of his mother’s age

People often chat on social media and while chatting, they sometimes come very close to each other. But big fraud cases also happen due to chatting. A similar case has come to light from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here a 45-year-old woman created an account on social media and replaced her photo with another girl’s and was chatting intensely with 20-year-old Deependra Singh. When the truth was revealed later, Deependra got a deep shock.

Deependra and the 45-year-old woman connected through social media, forming a close friendship and eventually falling in love. When Deependra expressed his wish to meet in person, the woman invited him to her home. However, upon seeing her, Deependra was taken aback.

Upon meeting the woman, the young man was taken aback to find that she appeared to be around 45 years old, quite different from the image she had portrayed on social media. Instantly, he grasped the situation. It is also surprising that the woman had also complained to the police regarding this matter. But she had hidden the conversation. The woman alleged that some unknown person stole her mobile and assaulted her.

Sachendi police of Kanpur was investigating this matter. What the police found out during the investigation was shocking. Investigation revealed that the accused and the woman knew each other through social media. Then this matter was revealed by the police. On this whole matter, ACP TV Singh said that a young man named Deependra Singh was friends with the woman. Devendra also went to the woman’s house to meet her. There was a dispute between the two and the accused attacked the woman. In this case, the woman had complained of mobile theft. But everything came to light in the investigation of the case. The police have arrested the accused youth.

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