Dalits kill a poor Pujari for supporting BJP, impose fake SC/ST cases on family: says victim wife

Recently a shocking case has come to light, some people from the Dalit community have been accused of murdering a poor priest. This incident happened at a time when Pujari supported the BJP. The wife of the victim priest says that her husband was murdered only due to political differences and fake Scheduled Caste/Tribe (SC/ST) cases were imposed on his family.

According to the victim’s wife, a group of people supporting the Bahujan Samaj Party killed her husband because their son had said that he would vote for the BJP in the current elections. “My husband was killed for supporting BJP. Those BSP men came and beat him with sharp weapons,” the woman said, crying over the tragedy that had befallen her family.

The woman reportedly said that the accused had filed 8 to 10 fake cases against her under the SC-ST Act. Demanding justice for them, the woman demanded the death penalty and bulldozer action against the accused responsible for the murder of her husband.

In a conversation with Sharma, the victim’s daughter revealed that she was also attacked by the accused when she ran to save her father from the murderous mob that was raining iron rods on him. “My father was seriously injured in the attack. They brutally attacked my father with iron rods and sharp weapons from his neck to eyes, back, wrists, hands, and legs. When I tried to intervene and save him they attacked me,” the woman said.

The viral video has been shared by Shubham Sharma on Twitter. The video has received more than 30 thousand views and 2 thousand likes so far. After watching the video, users shared various reactions.

A user writes, ‘Rich upper cast people living a lavish life…Reservation must end and the deserving persons must get it..’

Another user writes, ‘Don’t worry, Times change, and when times change, there will be an account of all and it will be settled.

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