Woman brutally thrashes her adopted kid, someone recorded everything

A shocking case has come to light from Uttar Pradesh, the video of which is going viral on social media. In the video, a mother hits her ‘adopted child‘ with a sharp object, pulls her hair, and throws her on the ground. A video of this incident has gone viral on social media and people have demanded action against it.

The viral video is from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. According to the video, ‘the mother can be seen sitting near the stove to cook food and her adopted daughter comes to her from inside. When she sits in front of her mother, the mother suddenly grabs the child’s hand and starts hitting her neck with a sharp object. The child screams in pain, but the mother does not stop and tries to twist her hand, while the child continues to cry. To make things worse, the woman pulls the girl’s hair and pushes her to the ground.

This video of 2 minutes and 19 seconds is rapidly going viral online, more than 20 thousand people have watched this video. People are demanding the authorities to take strict action against the woman. This is a very heartbreaking video. How can a mother be so cruel? Users share various types of reactions after watching the video.

One user writes, ‘It’s an attempt to murder. Before she does anything to the innocent baby, she should be booked and sent to prison immediately.

Another user writes, ‘Please take immediate action against the woman involved in harming a child. Swift justice is crucial for the well-being of the innocent.’

Another user writes, ‘Some people portray adoption as a kind of panacea while they ignore basic human nature to enslave others. There is a need to establish monitoring authority to ensure adopted children’s well-being.’

Another user writes, ‘The child seems to be limping, seems she is already injured and shaken.’

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