Video shows Israeli father saves his children from Hamas terrorists but he himself dies

The attack still continues between Israel and Hamas. A shocking CCTV video of a family in this attack is coming to light. As Hamas terrorists launched an all-out attack against Israel on Saturday, several videos of brutality are surfacing on social media. Israel has said nearly 600 people have been killed in the Hamas terror attack, the deadliest in decades.

In a viral video, a father in southern Israel performed the heroic act of any responsible family head and helped his family escape an attack by Hamas terrorists. He was the last person to attempt to escape and was shot in the attempt. But hopefully, his family is safe.

In the viral video, it can be seen that as the Hamas terrorists approach, the father guides all his family members through a small window on their terrace. All the members of his family have safely exited their residence. However, when he himself was about to jump out, in the video he froze in the window and after several seconds his body was seen falling down, indicating that he was shot by the terrorists.

Clashes between Israeli forces and the Palestinian group Hamas escalated today, resulting in hundreds of casualties on both sides. The increase in violence follows attacks on Israel, which led Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn that they were entering a long and challenging war.

In the deadliest escalation of the conflict in decades, Hamas launched massive rockets and launched land, air, and sea attacks. Israel’s military reported more than 600 Israeli casualties and 1,000 injured. On the other hand, Gaza authorities said that at least 400 Palestinians were killed as a result of intensified Israeli airstrikes in the coastal area, while about 1,700 were injured.

The viral video has been shared on Twitter, after watching which people are praising the father’s bravery and also expressing grief and anger. A Twitter user ‘Jane Steeves’ writes “So Sad”.

Another user writes, “True Hero and full of love”.

And BandaidZ writes “That father is a true hero”.

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