Video shows how women are abducted by Extremists shouting “Allah Ho Akbar”

Ongoing conflicts persist between Israel and Hamas. The terrorist attack on Saturday happened without any warning. Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel, while dozens of fighters crossed the border and attacked Israeli communities, killing dozens of civilians and capturing others. A video is going viral on social media of the same incident in which Hamas terrorists abducted an Israel women, took off her clothes, and drove her on the streets in a jeep shouting slogans of “Allah Ho Akbar”.

As can be seen in the viral video, armed men raising slogans of Allah-ho-Akbar paraded a young woman drenched in blood with her hands tied. After this it was shifted from the rear to the middle of the jeep. And in the second viral video, the helpless girl was stripped of her clothes and paraded on the streets in a jeep raising slogans of “Allah Ho Akbar”.

This is a very disgusting act. Suman Sisodia has shared this video on her Facebook post in which she writes, “The first fight of the so-called peace-loving community starts with the kidnapping, rape and brutal murder of women. And not only India but the whole world is suffering from this disease.” She has become infected! Some liberal leftist so-called #feminists say that… If she had been born in the Mughal period, she would never have performed #Jauhar! “

She further writes, “After watching this video, women with such thinking may now understand that the Hindu heroines used to commit Jauhar because… they recognized these Jihadi beasts… they knew that they were so bad. They even rape the dead bodies, even scratch the dead bodies!”

Suman Sisodia uses the word “Jauhar” to mean, “Jauhar is a word used in ancient India to describe the act of self-immolation by women. It was a practice that originated among the Rajputs of Rajasthan, India. This practice was performed by women. This practice was performed during times of war or when the enemy was about to conquer a fort or city. Women would rather burn themselves alive than face being captured, enslaved, or raped by enemy soldiers.”

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