Muslims in London celebrate as Hamas terrorists kill, rape and paraded naked woman in Israel

Amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, the United Kingdom finds itself grappling with a worrying increase in such incidents, which has raised concerns about community safety and hate crimes in London. The worrying situation has drawn strong reactions from both Britain’s Home Office Minister, Robert Jenrick, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Scotland Yard said it has stepped up patrols across London after receiving reports of several incidents, including messages and images shared on social media amid the ongoing conflict in Israel. Britain’s Home Office minister Robert Jenrick condemned Hamas for “glorifying” terrorist activities, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that hate crimes would not be tolerated.

“On Saturday evening, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement acknowledging various incidents related to the ongoing border conflict between Israel and Gaza, some of which have been widely shared on social media.”

The statement said, “We are aware that protests are likely to take place in the coming days due to the ongoing conflict. We will ensure that an appropriate policing approach is in place to balance Londoners’ right to protest against any disruption. A plan should be made.”

Britain’s Home Office Minister Robert Jenrick said, “These despicable people are glorifying the terrorist activities of the banned organization Hamas.” There is no place for this in Britain. I’m sure the Met Police will take this seriously.”

On social media, videos emerged of people in London waving Palestinian flags and cheering the attack on Israel.

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley told X that she saw people celebrating a Hamas attack against Israel with Palestinian flags. “I observed that two cars in West London adorned with Palestinian flags, and they appeared to be enthusiastically celebrating, with their vehicles bouncing up and down. Make no mistake, this is a dangerous and scary time for all Jews around the world, Riley posted.

In a another post, Rachel Riley shared a video depicting Palestine supporters in London, celebrating with cheers. “People have been brutally murdered, kidnapped and people are dancing in London,” Riley posted on Saturday.

Britain First party leader Paul Golding shared a video of some people in London showing ‘solidarity’ with Palestine and wrote, “Welcome to London, where terrorists are celebrated.”

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