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There are hardly very few people in this world who care about others as they think only about themselves most of the times. There is nothing wrong with it. But during an emergency situation, the same people would step up to help you, no matter what. This is what has been happening so far.

Auto driver’s heroics helped catch the thieves who were running away with the school teacher’s handbag. Here is one real-life story that needs to be told! We all know that most of the robberies would happen at night time. The robbers usually take advantage of the situation when there are only very few people wandering at the street.

A 37-year-old rickshaw driver, G Suresh Kumar, after completing safaris was happily returning home at around 9 pm. But little did he know that something strange would happen as he heard the screams of a woman calling for help.

Suresh Kumar further saw three people on a bike snatching school teacher’s handbag and escaping away from the spot as she sat on the side of another rickshaw. Seeing this, Suresh Kumar sprung into action at the drop of the hat whose rickshaw was right behind the woman’s vehicle.

The auto driver chased the thieves and banged his rickshaw into the robbers’ two-wheeler, a sudden impact caused the two-wheeler to collapse at the spot, resulting in all of them falling on the road.

The unknown person who happened to see this by chance understood what went wrong and immediately managed to catch the two people while one managed to escape from the spot. Those two robbers were young aged 20 and 21, from KK Nagar and MGR Nagar, were then taken to the Egmore Police and their bike was seized too. After further investigation at the station, the policemen were able to capture the escaped one too who was also a youth.

S Mariamanonmani, who is a government school teacher by trait, hails from Tiruvannamalai. She travelled to Chennai to visit her relatives and was returning in an auto after shopping with her family in Purasawalkam. As her auto-rickshaw reached Nair Bridge destination around 9 pm, a suspicious trio on a bike stole her handbag. The bag had money, her mobile phone, Aadhaar and debit cards, as reported by The Hindu.

The autorickshaw driver Suresh Kumar was then invited to the office of Police Commissioner A K Viswanathan, where he was praised for his supreme actions and conferred a reward.

The Youth salutes Suresh Kumar for leaping into action in retaining the school teacher’s handbag and also nabbed the thieves at the right time.

Delhi Auto Driver jumps from bridge to save a woman and a baby but ends up sacrificing his life

Auto driver by the name of Pawan risked his own life only to save a woman and a baby from drowning but in the process, unfortunately, he ended up sacrificing his own life.

Auto driver was returning home last Saturday after dropping off a passenger. On his way, he saw a woman carrying a baby in her arms standing on the edge of the bridge on the Meethapur canal, Delhi. Then he saw the woman jumping off the bridge with a baby, police said Wednesday.

Without even caring about his own life, Pawan left his auto and immediately jumped into the water to save the woman and the baby. Then he screamed for help from the passersby, then three people saw him and then formed a human chain.

Thankfully, woman and the child were safe but sadly, the passersby couldn’t save auto driver as he was swept away by strong currents. Cops are still looking for Pawan’s body. However, even after 4 days of searching operation, his body could not be found, the senior officer said.

The rescued woman and her son were rushed to the hospital and their condition is now stable as per the medical reports. According to the police, the woman tried to commit suicide with her baby after a quarrel with her husband.

The Youth salutes 30-year-old Pawan for leaping into action and saving an unknown woman and a child from drowning into the river.

Auto driver rushes pregnant woman to the hospital, looks after baby after mother abandoned her

An auto driver won millions of hearts after when he rushed an unknown pregnant woman to the nearby hospital for delivery. The auto driver, identified as Babu stumbled upon a woman in labour on Whitefield road where she was screaming for help.

After seeing the woman going through a lot of pain, Babu, without wasting any time, took her to a hospital where the doctors proceeded to the next step by sending him to CV Raman Hospital to get her admitted.

According to Storypick, he said, “The woman was in a lot of pain so I didn’t ask her any questions. I just filled up the admission forms with my details”.

During the admission process, he learnt that woman’s name was Nanditha. Apart from that, he had no other info of the woman.

Later, the lady gave birth to a baby girl but she was 2 months premature, weighing just 850 grams. Babu was asked to run the infant to Bowring Hospital for treatment and so he did. However, when he came back to the hospital, he found out that the woman had fled the hospital.

Babu indeed felt bad for the newborn and he decided to adopt the girl and raise her like his own child. He even managed to pay the hospital bills. Babu is a married man and already has two children.

Babu would work in the day and would take time to visit the baby in the night. As per the reports, the child initially suffered from severe breathing problem but she recovered later on.

Without even caring about his life or money, Babu totally took care of the food and medicines and he did everything that was needed to keep the baby girl healthy. But in a strange turn of events, the baby’s health deteriorated where she died after 18 days in the hospital.

However, the generous person did not actually reveal how much money he spent.