TTE slaps a poor passenger, users ask for action against the govt officer

A highly sensitive and infuriating incident unfolded when a train ticket inspector (TTE) assaulted a poor passenger. The appalling nature of this incident has sparked widespread concern within the community, raising serious concerns about the safety of Indian trains for passengers. Calls for stringent action against government officials involved in such incidents have intensified, reflecting the collective outrage and demand for accountability.

According to railway officials, Train number 15203, Barauni Lucknow Express. The incident occurred on Thursday when the train traveled between Gonda and Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. The investigation has been started against TTE. The TTE, identified as Prakash, was seen repeatedly slapping the passenger. He is also seen holding the neck of the passenger. While making the video, he also snatches the phone from the passenger.

The reason for the TTE’s misbehavior was that the passenger who was assaulted was traveling on the train without a ticket. Due to not having a ticket, a passenger was misbehaved and beaten severely by the TTE on Barauni-Lucknow Express. According to Online Sources, the Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) has been suspended.

More than 1 million people have viewed the viral video. Because this video is very shocking and after this incident, many types of questions would arise in the minds of the Indian public. After watching this video, Indian train passengers may not be feeling safe in their journey. People have demanded strict action against government officials. After watching the video, people also shared many reactions.

One user writes, ‘This is extremely objectionable and punishable! Even if the passenger does not have a ticket, it’s not right that any government official beats him like this, he should’ve been handed over to the Railway Police.’

Another user writes, ‘Slapping someone? Seriously? Strict action is needed against this particular individual.

Another user writes, ‘Get him removed from the TTE post. This video is so hurtful. The man is still asking so politely. Violence should never be the way!’

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