The Muslim Barber who spit on customer’s face is finally arrested by the police

Numerous videos of spit jihad have surfaced on social media and the accused have also been arrested. But recently a new case of spit jihad has come to light. Its video is going viral on social media. A Muslim barber is massaging the customer’s face by spitting on it. The police have been informed about the matter. Police Superintendent Abhishek assures that action will be taken after an investigation has been conducted.

This case is from Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. In the viral video, it is seen that a Muslim barber is massaging the face of a young man. During the massage, he is also spitting on the face of the young man in between. After the video was broadcast, Shamli SP Abhishek directed Thana Bhawan police station in-charge Satish Kumar to investigate and take legal action. Within 6 hours, the police caught Amjad. At the same time, social media users are also raising questions about this.

Many such cases have come to light before. Cases of spit jihad were reported in roti, tandoor, and fruits, but this time spit in face massage as well. This is a very disgusting act. Three years ago, a video of spitting on a tandoor and baking chapati near Shamli’s Fountain Chowk went viral. The police had arrested the accused then. Similarly, a video of a Muslim youth spitting on a tandoori roti and packing it in a hotel in Ghaziabad’s Loni area went viral. He was also arrested.

To treat someone like this based on the person’s religion, caste, or religious beliefs is not only inappropriate, but it is also a crime. Society needs unity and cooperation, and we should treat members of all religions, castes, and communities with respect and sympathy. It is a very disgusting act to spit in someone’s food and now it has crossed all limits, spitting in face massage as well.

The video of this case has been shared by the Twitter handle newstrack. After watching the video, the viewers are quite shocked and are sharing various reactions expressing anger. In such a case, the culprit should get the harshest punishment.

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