Uber Driver Jamshed Khan drags woman passenger out of cab, harassed her in the middle of the road

Bengali Television actress Swastika Dutta alleged that she was forcefully dragged and thrown out of her cab in Kolkata on Wednesday while she was on her way to the shoot. In a recent post that is doing the rounds on Facebook, Dutta stated that her Uber driver cancelled the ride mid-way and then threw her out of the car when she protested.

Explaining her bad experience, the actress wrote, “This actually happened to Me, I was humiliated, I was literally thrown out of the car the reason was I had booked Uber service from my home to my studio (Dassani 2, Rania) exactly at 8.15 am, today, this guy named Jamshed, after picking me up from my location suddenly in the middle of the road cancelled the trip and asked me to get down from the car.”

Credits: The Indian Express via Facebook Photo

The actress also shared a picture of the driver, his contact details including the number plate of the cab. Dutta stated that the incident happened right in front of Dev Das Restaurant (EM Bypass) Uttar Panchana Gram (VIP Bazar)on Wednesday, “I was harassed and I am still in shock, this has never happened to me before,” read an excerpt from her post.

In the wake of the actress’ complaint, the Kolkata Police registered a complaint against the accused and then arrested him. The perpetrator has been identified as Jamshed. As per the reports, a spokesperson at Uber stated that the shocking incident was ‘deeply concerning’.