Kangana Ranaut donates 42 lakhs for Cauvery Calling Campaign, hats off to her

Kangana Ranaut has been busy campaigning for several environmental causes which is good for the country. On her 31st birthday, she planted as many as 31 trees in her hometown in Manali. She has also extended support to Cauvery Calling campaign, which aims to expand the forest cover near the area and revitalise the river. For this, she has donated Rs 42 lakhs.

Cauvery Calling is a 12-year program that aims to plant as many as 242 crore trees, which will finally increase water retention. The campaign has been initiated by Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation.

Credits: IT

With that, Kangana Ranaut also targeted BMC’s (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) decision to cut down trees at Aarey Colony. This decision is already facing a massive backlash from everyone including celebrities.

While a lot of celebrities criticised the important decision on social media, Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor took to the streets to protest against this.

Recently, some students of St Xavier College had joined hands with city-based KAASH Foundation to write a letter to Man vs Wild hero Bear Grylls requesting him to back the Save Aarey movement.

“The government should have thought of some other solution than cutting the forest suddenly. Cutting down trees in the name of development is not the progress of the country, but a loss,” Kangana Ranaut was quoted as saying by thenewscrunch.com.

Kangana Ranaut had recently hit out at Bollywood celebrities for their pin-drop silence over the Cauvery river crises. She, on the contrary, lauded Leonardo DiCaprio for expressing concern over the same.

She also said that when celebrities can cry over Notre Dam then whey can’t they discuss the crisis that their own country is facing.

“Cauvery is such a big red alert like literally murders took place last summer for water, that city was completely out of gear and Leonardo Di Caprio mentioned about it also last year but back home no one did. No one mentioned about Chennai drought and the situation of farmers there. They are just social media activists,” she told Spotboye.com.