Doctors leave surgical blade in stomach during surgery, patient dies

A tragic and shocking incident has come to light in Meerut where a patient died during surgery. The matter became more serious when the news of finding a surgical blade in the ashes after her body was burnt. This incident caused a huge uproar in the area and residents protested strongly against the hospital administration.

According to other sources, the family found a surgical blade in the ashes of the burnt body. The family alleges that the surgical blade was left in the stomach of the woman who died due to the negligence of the hospital. At the same time, a video of this incident is also going viral. Also, the family and the social organization protested at the CMO office.

The Chief Medical Officer of Meerut has suspended the hospital’s license and requested an inquiry. This incident is from the village Rathaura Khurd of Hastinapur police station area. Sandeep’s wife Navneet Kaur, who lives here, was admitted to JK Hospital in Mawana town of Meerut on June 22 for delivery. It is being said that when the condition deteriorated during the surgery, the woman was referred to Meerut where she died. After which the family cremated the woman.

After performing the last rites, the family found a surgical blade in the ashes of the funeral pyre, after which this case came to light. This case highlights the medical staff’s negligence and hospital management’s failures. Residents and relatives of the patients are extremely distrustful and worried about health services after this incident. The family shared a video on social media in which the surgical blade was found in the ashes of the pyre.

The viral video was shared by the Instagram handle ‘News Muni’. After watching the video, users shared many types of reactions. Many users call it fake and demand strict action in this matter.

A user writes, ‘Fake, the dead body got burnt to ashes and the blade looks brand new.

Another user writes, ‘The license should be canceled of that doctor.’

Another user writes, ‘There must be special law to save the rights of patients and punish hospitals.’

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