Muslim wife couldn’t pay dowry money, husband shouts Talaq 3 times from rooftop

In a yet another triple talaq incident, a 26-year-old husband gave triple talaq to his 23-year-old wife. The man went to the rooftop and then shouted triple talaq because she could not fulfil his demand for ‘dowry’. The heartless incident happened in Dhanbad.

Just a few weeks ago, Aarjoo Parveen (Sabina) was literally thrown out of her in-laws’ house after they had demanded Rs 2 lakh and a bike as dowry, as per the New Indian Express.

After she returned home on Monday, they did not allow her to enter the house and much to everyone’s surprise, her husband – Mandoor Siddiqui – went up to the terrace and only to shout ‘triple talaq’ to end the relationship once and for all.

“Aarjoo Parveen alias Sabina (23) has filed a complaint alleging her husband Mansoor Siddiqui (26) of giving triple talaq in front of everyone from the roof-top. She has stated in her complaint that when she returned to her in-laws’ house on Monday, they did not open the door.

When she kept on pleading them to let her in, her husband had yelled from the roof-top that he did not really want to continue the relationship and gave her triple talaq,” said Circle Inspector of Bank More Police Station, Surendra Kumar Singh.

The husband had also threatened Aarjoo over the same matter, he added. She then attempted to return to her in-laws with her family, 10 days ago, but even then, they did not permit her to come inside.

After that she told her neighbours to involve in the matter, they took her to her in-laws house, but her father-in-law added that there was nobody at home.

When Sabina had forced him to open the door for him, her husband went to the rooftop and then shouted ‘triple talaq’ and added that there was nothing she could do about it.

Sakina and Mansoor tied the knot only three months ago on June 27. Sadly, poor Sabina stayed at her in-laws’ house for 26 days, as they kept mounting pressure on her for ‘dowry’ and she had to go stay with her parents.