Wife gives electric shock to husband for taking her Mobile phone

Recently, a shocking case has come to light from the Mainpuri area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. While arguments between spouses are common, in this case, the husband had to pay heavily for refusing the wife to talk on the phone. The wife gave an electric shock to her husband and then beat him. When the condition of the young man became critical, he was admitted to a hospital in Saifai for treatment.

The case is of Ujagarpur in Mainpuri district. The victim Pradeep has lodged an FIR that he was married seven years ago. His wife frequently talked on the phone calls. She starts arguing in protest. On May 18, when he stopped his wife from making a call, his wife fed him intoxicants. Due to this, he reached a semi-conscious condition. While he was in this condition, she administered an electric shock to him and then beat him with a cricket bat. Additionally, she assaulted their innocent son.

The relatives had admitted him to Saifai for treatment. When his condition improved, he lodged an FIR. The police have started an investigation. Mutual issues can sometimes arise in conversation between husband and wife, but sometimes these issues become so serious that they become difficult to resolve. This incident happened in the city and shocked people.

The news of this case is going viral on social media, with users expressing outrage and shock. This incident highlights the extreme consequences of unresolved marital disputes and has left the community deeply disturbed.

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