Boss caught sleeping with a girl in main office, wife slaps him in the face

Visakhapatnam: Former Miss Vizag Nakshatra caught her husband red-handed with another woman, after which the incident quickly went viral on social media. Nakshatra came to know that her husband Tripurana Venkat Sai Teja was having fun with another girl in the apartment room, so she reached there with the entire media and exposed her husband’s act. This created a stir there.

In the viral video, Nakshatra unlocks an apartment room and exposes her husband red-handed with another woman. Nakshatra continuously uses abusive words against her husband. As soon as her husband intervenes, Nakshatra slaps her husband several times. This incident also shocked the people around and the police had to be called on the spot.

The accused husband gets nervous when so many people reach the room. Nakshatra gets very angry at him and also shows his disgusting act to the media. This video is rapidly going viral on social media. According to the information received from the police, the divorce case of the couple has been going on in a family court since 2021.

The video of this case rapidly went viral on social media. After watching the video, users are sharing various reactions expressing their views.

A user writes, ‘But why did she start beating the girl?? This is not good. It’s the mistake of her husband.’

Another user writes, ‘In 2024, it’s become increasingly clear that loyalty is a concept that’s losing its grip on reality when money can get you anything.’

Another user writes, ‘Must need to listen to guy side also, he is saying since 3 years she left him. Before giving sympathy need to know reality.’

Another user writes, ‘But she had sought Divorce in 2021, once on the Divorce route, she cannot expect her husband to be loyal till court judgment.’

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