Stand up comedian asks Modiji “how come you’re getting fairer every year?”

A video of standup comedy show comedian Abijit Ganguly is going viral on social media. In this show, comedy has been done on PM Narendra Modi, in which much emphasis has been laid on his skin care. Comedian Abijit also insists on knowing the secret of Modi ji’s fair skin, the audience present in the show enjoys it a lot.

At the beginning of the video, Abijit emphasizes Modi’s skincare and says, “I want to ask Modi ji only one thing, what is his skincare routine?” because Modi ji’s glow is increasing day by day. The audience present in this statement laughs loudly. Modi ji is glowing every day. Have you ever seen a pimple or dark circles on Modi Ji’s face? Which is completely antithetical to anybody who has a stressful job.

Further in the video, “If anyone is appointed as the Indian captain, 20% of his hair falls out.” Giving the example of Obama, Abijit says, now look at Obama, when Obama became the American president for the first time, he looked like an NBA player, by the time he came out, the marathon runner from Kenya had become a skeleton. But Modi ji is glowing. Highlighting Modi ji’s changing complexion, Abijit jests, “I have seen him becoming fair. Modi ji has become fair in the last 9 years. Fair Lovely also has 7 shades, but he made 14. This is a different Gujarati Michael Jackson thing.

This video of Abhijit Ganguly is going viral. The laughter of the audience sitting in the comedy show can be gauged by the amazing comedy done on Modi Ji’s skin care. This video has also received over 7 million views and over 3 lakh likes. Abijit Ganguly, a professional standup comedian, performs comedy shows in different cities and makes videos for YouTube audiences.

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