69yr old Anupam Kher makes funny reels on Instagram, gets millions

Anupam Kher, who turns 69, creates funny reels on Instagram and takes millions of people on a wave of laughter. These things of his are popular on social media and people enjoy his comedy. Recently a video has gone viral on social media which is also quite funny.

Anupam Kher has a huge following on the internet. They make people laugh and bring smiles to their faces through their reels. People on the internet love his reels and as an outcome, his follower count has also increased a lot. This 10-second video which went viral recently has become a major means of entertaining people on social media.

The viral video has received more than 10 million views and more than 5 lakh likes. The viral video is a lipsync video in which money is mentioned in the audio. Anupam Kher can be seen lying on the bed and while lip-syncing the audio, he says, ‘Paisa toh hum bhi uda sakte hai magar, paisa hona bhi to chhaiye.’ With this, the video ends. But the special thing about Anupam Kher’s acting in the video is his very tremendous expressions. Due to this acting and expression, this video is quite funny and is forcing people to laugh.

Anupam Kher, a veteran of Indian film and theater, has enjoyed a career spanning more than three decades. He is perhaps best known for his poignant portrayal of a middle-aged man in the 1984 drama “Saaransh,” a performance that earned him the prestigious Filmfare Best Actor award.

In today’s era, the significance of social media has surged, and Kher has adeptly capitalized on this platform. Through his engaging comedy videos and reels, he has captivated audiences and sparked a frenzy across the internet. Kher’s adept use of social media serves as a shining example for aspiring artists, demonstrating how to leverage these platforms to connect with audiences and showcase talent in innovative ways.

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