Who famous African Viral guy who sings Hindu Songs? Here’s everything you wanna know

In the modern social media era, videos have become a unique medium to share and go viral, and a unique example of this comes from a young artist from Tanzania who is making waves on social media by making videos on Hindi songs. Tanzanian content creators Kili Paul and his sister Nima Paul have gained fame in India for lip-syncing and dancing to various Indian songs.

Kili Paul goes above and beyond to captivate his fans and followers through incredibly endearing videos. His journey began with lip-syncing to popular Bollywood songs, but he didn’t stop there. Venturing into dancing and acting, he continued to charm netizens, and the rest is history. Recently, he delighted his audience with a video featuring him and his sister dancing to the iconic song “Hai Mera Dil” from the movie Josh, originally performed by Aishwarya Rai and Chandrachur Singh. Uploaded last week, the video has already amassed over 9 million views.

In the video, Kili can be seen wearing a kurta and pajama set, while her sister Nima is wearing a lilac lehenga choli. The video starts with Kili lip-syncing to the song and then her sister enters dancing. The caption of the video reads, “Nima Entry Kya Baat Hai.” The video quickly took social media by storm and allowed people to express their appreciation for her dynamic dance and Indian cultural forms.

Kili was born in Mindu Tulieni village where he lived with his family. In an interview, Kili had said that there was no electricity in his village due to which he had to go 10 kilometers away to charge his phone. Since childhood, Kili loved watching Hindi Bollywood films and listening to songs. That is why today he is popular on social media for making lip-sync videos on Hindi Bollywood songs. Earlier he had started making videos but now his sister Nima has also joined it. Kili said that he learned to pronounce each Hindi word and understand its meaning from Google.

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