Maulana says Modi ji is our Mama, BJP regime is a Golden opportunity for Muslims

Politics in India is a topic that always remains the center of discussion and involves different viewpoints. A video of a Maulana related to this has been seen on social media. In this context, Maulana’s thoughts excellently show the spirit of idealism and consensus, where he has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is our mamu and the power of BJP is providing a golden opportunity for the Muslim community.

According to the viral video, Maulana says, ‘At this time Allah has given a golden opportunity for the Muslims in India. No one should speak ill of Modi Saheb because I feel very bad. Do you know why I feel bad? I also said yesterday, Modi Saheb said that all the Muslim women of India are my sisters. Did he say it or not? So my mother also became his sister. And if he is my mother’s brother then he is my mamu. And if someone speaks against my uncle, will I listen? Seems so easy? And he has such remedies that Hakeem Ajmal Khan must be writhing in pain in his grave. ,

In the viral video clip, Maulana mentioned Hakim Ajmal Khan in the last section. Hakim Ajmal Khan was a physician in Delhi, India, and one of the founders of Jamia Millia Islamia University. He also founded another institution, the Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, popularly known as Tibbia College, located in Karol Bagh, Delhi. He was the only Muslim to preside over a session of the Hindu Mahasabha. He became the first Chancellor of the University in 1920 and held the position until he died in 1927.

According to this viral video clip, it seems that Maulana is saying that during the BJP rule, the Muslim community has got justice and equality, which has allowed them to reach a better position in society. He claims that BJP’s policies have supported all the citizens of the country and tried to bring all sections together.

After watching the viral video, users shared hilarious reactions after hearing ‘Modi Mamu’. One user writes, ‘Who will get Wazir-e-Godi in 2024? Now they are also saying, vote for Mamu Modi.’ ,

Another user writes, ‘ Modi mamu’.

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