IAS officer and YouTuber Deepak Rawat gets schooled by CM Dhami

A recent video circulating on social media has gained widespread attention, featuring Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami expressing strong displeasure. The footage captures a meeting where the deplorable state of pothole-ridden roads is under discussion. CM Dhami is seen admonishing various officials, including IAS Deepak Rawat seated beside him, and delivering stern warnings. The intense exchange reflects the Chief Minister’s frustration with the poor road conditions and his commitment to addressing the issue.

CM Dhami recently held a meeting with the officials, in which he asked questions regarding potholes on the roads and got vague answers from the officials. Hearing this, the CM’s temper rose and he warned, ‘Everyone sit together and decide what to do. Now if news about the road comes in the newspaper, it will not be good.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister questions IAS Deepak Rawat, who fails to provide satisfactory answers. The CM expresses frustration, stating that the confusion between the state and NHAI is unacceptable. Deepak Rawat acknowledges and promises to address the issue. He notes down the CM’s instructions, leaving other officials visibly concerned.

After watching the viral video, users shared a variety of reactions. One user writes, ‘Deepak sir you should realize making videos while scolding employers is not cool you are misusing your powers. ,

Another user writes, ‘Now he knows every human being deserves respect..and their dignity.’

Let us tell you that IAS Deepak Rawat has a strong fan following on Facebook and Instagram. The pages created in his name on different social media platforms have lakhs of followers. He is counted among the most dynamic IAS officers in the country. Videos of his field visits remain discussed on YouTube. Deepak Rawat was born in 1977 in Mussoorie. After completing his schooling at Mussoorie, he graduated from Hansraj College, Delhi. Along with post-graduation, he also started preparing for UPSC. After failing in the first two attempts, he cleared the UPSC exam. His father was a clerk and his mother a housewife.

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