CM Yogi ends 40yr old rule, MLAs now have to pay income taxes like ordinary citizens

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath has taken an important decision that has become the center of discussion among political parties and MLAs. He has decided to end the more than 40-year-old rule in the state, whereby MLAs, like public persons, will also be responsible for determining their income and paying income tax on it. Giving this information, a video was published on social media which is also going viral.

The viral video has been posted by Bharatgyan on Instagram. While giving information in the video, he says, “VP Singh, who was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the eighth Prime Minister of India, had made a wonderful law during his tenure, under which the Chief Minister and Ministers of the state Not only will they have to pay income tax, but their income tax will be paid by the state government from the government treasury. Because VP Singh believed that all MLAs and leaders are from poor backgrounds. Where will those poor people get the money, so they will not have to pay income tax? what need.”

He further says in the video, “But when Yogi ji became the Chief Minister and he saw the state budget, he came to know that the state government was paying crores of income tax of the ministers. Observing this, Yogi ji questioned why the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and other ministers shouldn’t pay income tax when even the poorest citizens of the state are subjected to it. In a decisive move, Yogi ji revoked this four-decade-old law.”

After watching the viral video, users have seen a lot of appreciation towards Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath. Many users want to see him as the next Prime Minister. Many similar reactions were seen from users.

One user writes, ‘Yogi is all rounder working for our country.’

Another user writes, ‘Now it seems that politics will stop from misusing power.

Another user writes, ‘Very good decision but all this information was hidden.’

This decision, on the one hand, will promote MLAs towards social equality, while on the other hand, it will also ensure that political leaders and MLAs maintain confidence in the leadership.

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