Meet Mayank Pratap Singh- 21-year-old boy is all set to become youngest judge in country

The phrase ‘some are born intelligent and others are born dumb’ is not right. People are born with differing potentials. At an age when most of the youths are pursuing studies or thinking of doing higher education or looking for a job in the competitive society, this 21-year-old youth by the name of Mayank Pratap Singh from Rajasthan made the headlines as he is all set to become India’s youngest judge.

It’s because of his sheer hard work, grit and determination that pushed him to greater heights. Mayank did his five-year LLB course from Rajasthan University in April this year. After that, he came through with flying colours by cracking the Rajasthan Judicial Services exam in his first attempt.

Credits: Naidunia

Speaking to India Today, the resident of Mansarovar, Jaipur said that he worked hard day and night. He revealed that he had to study for 12 to 13 hours daily only to clear the state judicial services exam to become a judge. However, his hard work bore fruit now.

“I had to study for 12 to 13 hours every day to be able to clear the Rajasthan judicial services 2018 exam to become a judge. I’m extremely elated. I expected a good result. According to me, a good judge should be honest and should not be spread by external influences including muscle power and money power,” he said.

To make his story much more interesting, Mayank was never into social media platforms and also he didn’t attend any coaching centre. He stated that his dedication towards the exam and a consistent studying schedule in college assisted him to clear the exams and become a topper.

When asked about his social media presence, Mayank openly said that he never had a Facebook account and had deactivated all other social media accounts especially during the exams. He used the internet services to better effect by getting important updates related to his career.

“I never had a Facebook account in my life. I had deactivated all other social media accounts during my exams. I used the internet only to get legal updates, for getting track of some interesting or important judgment of the Supreme Court or High Court,” reports Hindustan Times.

When asked about his opinion on the legal system in India, Mayank said, “I have seen people trusting the judiciary. People have been running here and there seeking justice and hence I choose this career”, reports Hindustan Times.