Muslim Tempo driver’s daughter becomes the first woman judge in her city, read the inspiring story

Someone’s success story in ordinary life can really become a source of inspiration. This story is also of such a unique inspirational incident, which teaches us that anything is possible with struggle and hard work. The story revolves around the life of a Muslim tempo driver’s daughter who fulfills her dreams to become the first woman judge in her city. With hard work and dedication, Gulfam Sayyad, a resident of Malerkotla, Punjab, fulfilled her dreams and has become an inspiration for many such girls.

Gulfam Syed, a 28-year-old individual, has achieved the 5th position in the EWS category in the Punjab Civil Service (Judicial) examination, marking a historic milestone as the first Muslim woman judge in the Malerkotla district. Hailing from a modest background, she comes from a humble family, with her father, Talib Hussain, working as a tempo driver.

Gulfam Syed completed her 12th standard education at Islamia Girls Senior Secondary School, Malerkotla, and graduated from Islamia Girls College. After this, she obtained an LLB degree from ‘Punjabi University’, Patiala. Gulfam’s father Talib Hussain said that he drives a tempo and he never stopped his daughter from studying. Today I am very happy that when my daughter has emerged from such an environment and has become a judge, I am proud of my daughter.

Despite being the daughter of an auto driver, Gulfam’s father supported her studies beyond his means. Many times, when Gulfam went to Patiala to prepare for exams, her father did not even have Rs 150 in his pocket. It was not easy for him to support his family, but somehow he managed. His entire family lives together in a small house.

In a media statement, Gulfam Syed shared, “Back when I needed to travel from Malerkotla to Patiala for my studies, it cost me Rs 150. However, when my father reached into his pocket and handed me that amount, I noticed that there was only Rs 150 in his wallet. In such circumstances, my father would reassure me by saying, ‘You take it, it’s not a problem.’ Sometimes when he did not have even a single penny in his pocket, my uncle would give me money.

Gulfam Syed further says, ‘My parents have always supported me in my studies. Whenever I used to study, no member of the family used to disturb me. Finally, after years of hard work, I have fulfilled my parents’ dream. Today, not only my family but the entire district is happy with my success.

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