Do you know this meme guy? He is a very powerful manager at an MNC

Technology is one of the basic mediums to connect these days and communication is becoming very convenient. For example- Social media. It allows us to interact with people from different fields and different parts of the world. We become friends so easily with new people.

Some users are misusing social media platforms in the name of freedom of speech. On the other hand, some are using it effectively to deliver good messages to celebrities. At the same time, creating and sharing memes on social media is also the evergreen trend these days.

Every now and then, people come up with catchy or creative memes that pique the attention of the social media users. One meme can make someone popular, which goes to show the actual power of social media portals.

Do you know this meme guy? He is a very powerful manager at an MNC

Case in point, do you remember the Pakistani cricket fan showing his disappointment during the Pakistan vs Australia in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2019 semi-final? The disappointment that was inscribed all over his face was a pure content material for the meme creators.

Standing upright, he came up with a disappointed pose by keeping both of his hands on his hips in immense frustration during the game between Pakistan and Australia. Pakistan lost to Australia by 41 runs in the semi-final of the showpiece event.

Here’s the video below:-

Who is this meme guy?

Well, his name is Muhammad Sarim Akhtar. For the unversed, he works as a manager for a multinational company. Know the actual truth behind the disappointed fan. Watch the video below to know more about Muhammad Sarim Akhtar.

In fact, the Pakistani fan’s reaction became fodder for meme-makers and they generated hilarious jokes and memes out of that. The guy plies his trade as a manager for a popular multinational company. Upon looking at his Linkedin profile, we came to know that he works for PricewaterhouseCoopers UK as a Manager.

“I am an all-round risk assurance professional with management roles in Risk Management, Internal Audit, Fraud Investigation, Compliance, and Project Management. I have improved risk mitigation efforts across the company and driven internal productivity by collaborating closely with executive teams of professionals. I consistently evaluate project components by maximizing compliance to commitments and greater timetable adherence.”

“I have reduced risk of deficient accounts with continuous process monitoring. I personally managed operational and IT audit, and fraud investigation lifecycle. I have led innovative technology improvements where company wide payments were automated with banks via Hanse Orga over the SWIFT network. I demonstrate work expertise across a range of industries including insurance, advertising, retail, automotive and F&B (sic),” reads his profile on Linkedin.