Maulana caught raping a girl inside Mosque, this is what he said on camera

A video was seen on social media which is very shocking. In a viral video, a Maulana was caught red-handed having illicit relations with a girl in a mosque. This is a very disgusting act. To carry out such heinous acts at religious places. The video is going viral on social media and users have shared many reactions.

This viral video is of Patoti. Some Hindu leaders caught a Maulana red-handed in a mosque in Patoti. The name of this Maulana of Patoti was said to be Mukhram. Mukhram was caught having illicit relations with a girl in a mosque in Patoti. Which is a very heinous crime. Such disgraceful acts undermine the sanctity of religious spaces and warrant condemnation. Responsible reporting and legal action should follow.

A mosque is a place of worship or prayer for Muslims. It is used for namaz. And carrying out such acts in such a place is extremely disgusting. The viral video was shared by the Saffron Army on Instagram. The viral video has received more than 4 million views and 1 lakh likes. Many users have shared their reactions to the revelations in the video.

One user writes, “Because of these people, good Muslims get defamed. Action should be taken against these people.”

Another user writes, “Beauty of Islam.”

Another user writes, “Not a single Muslim will oppose this.”

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