Bihar: Officer caught with girl without clothes in Govt office, wine bottles on table

A girl has been caught without clothes in a government office in Bihar. This incident came to light in a surprise investigation conducted by a local individual. Such ridiculous acts are being carried out in government offices. Additionally, the investigation revealed the presence of liquor bottles in the office, and footage of the incident is circulating widely on social media.

This video is from Katesar village in Bihar. In the video, a girl is caught red-handed without clothes in a government office by a local man. In the viral video, it can be heard saying that the Panchayat Secretary of the same government office has illicit relations with this girl and also consumes alcohol. The village head is also present in the video.

The person making the video tells the chief that he has been visiting the office for months regarding one of his paperwork and his work is not being done. But something else is going on in this office. This is a very shocking video in which such incidents will be carried out even in government offices.

This incident not only causes a loss of morality but also shows the lack of cleanliness and discipline in government offices. The local administration needs to take prompt action in this matter and take strict action against the culprits so that people maintain faith in the government system.

Such incidents undermine public trust in government institutions and highlight the need for immediate and decisive action by local authorities in Bihar. The exposure of immoral acts and the presence of liquor bottles in a government office raise concerns about the lack of professionalism and discipline. A thorough investigation and strict measures are essential to restore faith in the government system and maintain the integrity of public offices.

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