Bihar: Dalit youth kills his Brahman girlfriend and her all family members during Chhatt Puja

In Bihar, a deeply distressing incident has come to light, echoing narratives of obsessive lovers. In this tragic case, a Dalit youth persistently pursued the daughter of a Brahmin family, forcing an undesired marriage. Despite the Brahmin family’s clear rejection, the conflict reached a horrifying climax during the Chhath Puja festival. The Dalit youth, resorting to violence, fatally shot members of the Brahmin family.

Ashish Pasi is said to be implicated in a distressing incident involving persistent harassment of a young girl, resulting in the unfortunate demise of two brothers and severe injuries to three members of the family. The accused is reported to have coerced the Brahmin girl into marriage against her wishes, using threats, including the potential of falsely implicating her under the SC/ST Act. The injured family members have been promptly relocated to Patna for urgent medical treatment.

The accused youth made a plan and when the entire family of the girl was returning home from the ghat after completing the puja on the holy festival of Chhath Puja, then on the way the accused youth Ashish attacked the entire family by firing indiscriminately. He often molested the girl and pressured her for relationship and marriage.

According to the witnesses, the suspect Ashish had come with the intention of killing the entire family, but seeing the nearby people coming, he ran away firing indiscriminately. In the same incident, SP said that the weapon with which the crime was committed had been recovered by the police. The firing was done with a 9 mm gun, raids are being conducted to arrest the accused youth. Soon the accused youth will be arrested.

A perpetrator driven by intense anger indiscriminately opened fire on a family, resulting in the tragic deaths of Shashi Bhushan Jha’s sons, Chandan and Rajendra Jha, as well as Durga Jha while being transported to Patna. The horrifying incident has left the entire area in a state of panic.

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