Pak PM office faces power cut for not paying bills, has a pending bill of PKR 41 lakh rupees

It would be better if Pakistan’s Prime Minister would focus on the problems of his own nation than the bilateral problems with India. Pakistan’s economy is going down and there could be no big proof than the hilarious news we are about to reveal.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s office has been issued a notice by the Islamabad Electric Supply Company over non-payment of electricity bills. In case if you were figuring out for how many months, here is the answer. PM Imran Khan’s office hasn’t paid the electricity bill for the past several months.

Credits: News18 via Reuters Photo

As per the reports, Imran Khan’s secretariat received a bill of PKR 41 lakh (Pakistani rupees) which they owe the Islamabad Electric Supply Company.

The Secretariat has also reportedly received several reminder notices but still failed to clear the dues.

News agency IANS quotes an IESCO source as saying, “This is a recurrent problem with the Secretariat. We will cut off the power supply if dues are not paid.”

As per the reports from across the world, Pakistan’s economy is crumbling. Ever since Imran Khan took the decision of scraping all trade ties with India, after the abolition of article 370 in Kashmir, things seem to only be getting even worse for Pakistan.

Despite the fact that India is also going through an economic crisis, they aren’t in a terrible situation like Pakistan.