From a Burj Khalifa flat to ₹3cr ring, Shilpa Shetty gets these 7 mesmerizing gifts

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are among the most loved couples across the world. It is no new news that London based businessman Raj Kundra showers love on his wife.

They love to surprise and pamper each other. This time too Raj Kundra surprised his wife with this wonderful gift which one can wish for. Shilpa Shetty was one of the most promising actors of the 90s Bollywood era. She is known to be a size zero and a fitness freak. She stays in limelight without having to do movies.

Here’s a compilation of all the ridiculously expensive gifts Raj Kundra has showered over Shilpa.

1. Raj Kundra has surprised Shilpa Shetty by giving her an apartment as a gift on the 19th floor of the tallest tower in the world—The Burj Khalifa, Dubai. It is said that Shilpa has received the most expensive wedding anniversary gift ever in Bollywood’s history—to own an apartment in a building where normal people find it bank-breaking to even spend a day.

However, Shilpa recently revealed that she has sold off her property there, and prefers to stay at a plush hotel where everything is serviced, instead of travelling with a full entourage.

2. Apart from the wonderful apartment, Raj Kundra has also gifted wedding lehenga worth Rs. 50 lakhs and a gorgeous 20 carat solitaire worth Rs. 3 cr.

3. Shilpa has often mentioned that she always dreamt of a sea-facing villa and so, hubby dearest decided to buy one in Mumbai where the actor spends most of her time. The sea-facing villa in Mumbai is called, ‘Kinara’.

4. It seems that Raj Kundra has made up his mind to create a record of buying an apartment in all the tallest buildings of the world! The businessman didn’t just book a flat in Burj Khalifa Dubai, but also gifted Shilpa a luxurious flat in 2012, spread over 3000 sq. ft. in a building called ‘Supernova’ in Noida, which is the tallest building in India, at 80 storeys.

5. Coming back to exotic properties abroad, Raj Kundra also spoiled his wife with his magnificent seven-bedroom property called ‘Raj Mahal’ in Weybridge, Surrey. Located on the exclusive St. George’s Hill Estate, it is an enclave for the rich and famous. Well, duh. This was a property bought by Raj Kundra while he was still married to his ex-wife, and Shilpa Shetty convinced him not to sell it after his divorce, as she saw it as her ‘family home’. Wise decision, lady.

6. Not only does Raj have a knack for throwing the best birthday parties for his wife, he always supplements it with an OTB (read: ridiculously expensive) gift! Besides the ‘Raj Mahal’ mentioned above, he also decided to buy Shilpa a flat worth more than Rs 7 crore in Central London. Soon after Shilpa got the keys, she began shopping for home accessories and designing the apartment. London is a hot-fave destination that the actor visits, probably why her husband decided to gift her an apartment there. Men, take note.

7. Speaking of automobiles, along with many other cars like the BMW Z4that Raj has gifted Shilpa, the blue Lamborghini he gifted her broke headlines. Even before the luxury car got a launch in India, the Kundras had it in their garage.

A source close to the couple revealed, “Raj is a car fanatic and loves fast sleek cars. He has several luxury cars in London. Last year, in South Africa he had hired a bright red Lamborghini for them to ride around in. This time around, he went ahead and actually bought one in blue for his wife! Raj chose the royal blue colour in keeping with the team colours of the Rajasthan Royals, the Indian Premier League cricket team that Shilpa and he own. “

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