Dalit man beaten to death over allegations of stealing something from Gurudwara

A case bordering on cruelty has come to light in Moga district of Punjab, the video of which is also going viral on social media. This video illustrates the extreme callousness exhibited by certain individuals. A distressing incident that borders on cruelty. The video footage depicting this incident has gained widespread attention on social media. The incident involves the fatal beating of an individual accused of stealing from a Gurudwara, and as a result, legal action has been taken, with six individuals facing charges in this matter.

About ten days ago in Moga, a tragic incident occurred involving Karam Singh, a Dalit community member who sadly passed away due to severe injuries from a brutal attack. The local police have taken legal action against six individuals captured in a video assaulting Karam Singh. The incident gained public attention when his family saw the distressing video.

He was rushed to Moga’s hospital on October 16th after a medical emergency. His injuries were sustained during a harrowing escape from a burglary at a nearby gurdwara. Regrettably, despite the immediate medical care he received, he tragically lost his life.

On October 17th, Karam’s family reluctantly conducted the final rituals due to pressure from the gram panchayat and the local community. Approximately one week following his demise, the family came across a video circulating on social media, revealing a horrifying scene of Karam Singh subjected to a brutal beating. The footage depicts a group of individuals relentlessly assaulting him with sticks while restraining his hands and legs.

The family submitted a complaint to the authorities, urging them to take action against the people seen in the video. Following a thorough examination of the evidence and considering the family’s testimony, the police officially initiated a legal case against six individuals. These individuals were identified as Nanak Singh, Gurnam Singh, Jagtar Singh, Seera Singh, Dharampal, and Kaku. Moreover, an additional 16 individuals were also implicated in the case. The accused parties were formally charged with various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which include 302 (murder), 342 (unlawful confinement), 148 (participation in a riot while armed with deadly weapons), and 149 (unlawful assembly).

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