Viral video: Crow seen dropping pebbles in a jar to raise the water level to the top

We have often heard and read many stories of the cleverness and intelligence of natural creatures. One of which is the story of Crow which everyone must have heard about how Crow increases the water level by throwing pebbles in the pitcher to drink water. Recently a video was seen on social media that completely turns this story into truth. In which a crow has surprised people with its intelligence and how it is drinking water.

A video is going viral on social media, in which a crow is seen dropping pebbles to increase the water level in a bottle. Through this unique video, we learn a new lesson that the game of intelligence and cunning is not limited to humans only. And the story that we used to read and hear in our childhood, this viral video has proved how intelligent even animals and birds are.

It is shown in the viral video, ‘There is a bottle which has water up to half the level but the top of that bottle is small due to which the crow cannot put its entire beak in that bottle and it is not able to reach the water. But small pebbles are lying near him, so he uses his intelligence and throws each pebble inside the bottle, due to which the water level starts increasing, and then the crow drinks the water.

This video not only provides entertainment but also shows us that concern and intelligence are really important in every field. It is an inspirational message that tells us that we need to create new and unique approaches to face the problems. This incident has also proved that natural creatures also have intelligence and can dedicate themselves to facing their problems. The crow has taught us that we need to struggle to face challenges and that we sometimes need to find unique ways to excite our spirit.

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