“When a Muslim gets rich, he wants a second wife” says Pak scholar

A video featuring Pakistani journalist Razi Nama has been circulating widely on social media. In the video, Nama makes a notable observation, stating that “whenever Muslims accumulate wealth, they tend to contemplate second marriages.” According to him, having multiple wives seems to be a common pursuit among affluent Muslim men. The video is gaining significant traction online.

Razi Nama, citing the things written in the book of Islamic scholar Mushtaq Rizvi, said that whenever Muslims start getting a lot of money, their main objective is to get married. The journalist said that ‘Islamic scholar Mushtaq Rizvi had mentioned about marriage in one of his books before leaving this world. I am not saying such things.

A video related to the issue of Muslims marrying if they have money has been posted on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). The viral video has been shared by Twitter user ‘Pakistan Untold’. In which Pakistani journalist ‘Razi Nama’ is featured who is quoting the things written in the book of Islamic scholar Mushtaq Rizvi.

So far 10 thousand people have watched the viral video and more than 600 people have also liked it. After watching the viral video, users have shared their reactions. One user writes, ‘It is not the case their motto is to increase Muslim population they marry as many women in fact polygamy is prohibited and see the entire World are inhibited only Muslim population.’

Another user writes, ‘God would NEVER TALK with a pedophile. Muhammad was a little man who had sex with goats and kids. He was NOT a PROPHET.

Another user writes, ‘In India, thanks to govt subsidies and a parasitic mentality, even their poor do the same.’

Only men are allowed to engage in quadruple marriage in Islam. Men belonging to this religion can also marry for the fifth time when a man has divorced any one of his first four wives or one of them has died.

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