Illegal Rohingya Muslims capture Circus Station of West Bengal, they make it a hell

A video of a railway station in West Bengal is going viral on social media. The condition of the station appears to be exceptionally poor, sparking concerns that it may be the most unsanitary railway station in India. Allegations have surfaced, suggesting that neither the State nor the Central Government has provided any assistance. Some online sources attribute the dire situation to the presence of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingyas in the area.

The name of this railway station in West Bengal is Park Circus. Many illegal Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingyas live around this railway station. Due to the presence of slums nearby, this railway station remains quite dirty. And the government does not interfere in keeping this place clean or in enforcing any rules and regulations.

It can be clearly seen in the video, that there are many slums on the railway track and the entire railway track is very dirty, utensils are thrown on the railway track itself. This place looks very crowded, according to online sources, ‘Only Muslims live in this place. 4 platforms have the same numbering, which leads to confusion, with the top and bottom having the same number. The counter is also extremely crowded, and there is no line for women.

Govt needs to think about this station to improve its condition. Some people may feel unsafe in this place, especially girls as it is very crowded. This situation here is not only difficult for the local residents but is also undesirable for the visiting travelers. The government should improve the cleanliness of this place, this will not only improve the condition of the place but will also maintain harmony in society.

Seeing the railway track in such poor condition in the viral video, users have expressed their views and shared many reactions.

One user writes, “Very horrible city. Least developed city.”

Another user writes, “I travel a lot through this area…have been seeing them since childhood (am 18 now), but recently seeing their numbers are increasing day by day and the govt does nothing!!”

Another user writes, “This is surprising why the central government is not deporting Bangladeshis from the country along with the Rohingyas. They are becoming a nuisance day by day and are going to be a major security risk to the country. When will we wake up?”

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