Maulvis make list of Hindu girls in Mosque, encourage Muslim boys to lure them: Reveals this reporter

A controversial video circulating on social media features Junaid Khan, an Indian YouTuber, exposing a startling revelation. According to Khan, there are allegations that some Maulvis are compiling lists of Hindu girls in mosques, and Muslim boys are being encouraged to pursue these girls with the intention of converting them to Islam. The gravity of this disclosure has sparked widespread concern and discussion.

This video was shared on ‘X’ from the Pakistan Untold account, The video features a Pakistani reporter joining the online session with Indian Muslim ‘Junaid’. Junaid who is a YouTuber. In the video, Junaid reveals, ‘There is a strange system, there are many such madrassas and mosques where a list of names of Hindu girls of that locality is made and written on a board.’

He further says, ‘I actually received some photos and some interesting Muslim boys had sent them to me to tell me that see, we do this. The names and ages of the girls were written on the board in the photos. Maulana instigates Muslim boys, ‘You will get heaven because you are converting someone into a Muslim. ‘And many Muslim boys are ready to do it.’ In response to the controversy, religious leaders and authorities must address these allegations transparently to alleviate concerns and promote communal harmony.

After watching the viral video, users shared a variety of reactions. One user writes, ‘If Islam is such a great Religion, why does it need to lure Girls from other Religion? Will people come running to embrace Islam? It seems Islam is at fault.

Another user writes, ‘Such atrocities and oppression are taking place on minorities, especially Hindus, in Pakistan, but no one raises their voice, what are international organizations and Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission and Police Administration and High Court and Supreme Court doing. ‘

Another user writes, ‘It’s really shameful no Muslim talk about this.’

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