Muslim guy abducts a small kid and sexually molests her, caught red-handed

Recently, a disturbing video has gained widespread attention on social media, depicting a reprehensible incident involving a young boy attempting to engage in inappropriate behavior with a minor girl. The incident took place in Pakistan, where two Pakistani Hindu activists confronted an individual from the Muslim community caught in the act. The video has since gone viral on various social media platforms, drawing significant public condemnation.

This is a very shameful act, this kind of action with a minor girl is shocking. According to the viral video, ‘An Islamist tries to rape a little girl in the graveyard when two Pakistani Hindu activists caught him doing this shameful act. They started beating the Islamist boy and asking him repeatedly what he was doing. ‘

As the video progresses, the girl appears visibly frightened, breaking into tears upon witnessing the violent altercation. When questioned about the incident, she is asked, “What did he do to you?” Her response reflects a sense of terror as she discloses, “I didn’t say anything to him; he was attempting to remove my clothes.” Overwhelmed by fear, she continues to cry. The Islamist apologizes with folded hands and says many times that he did not do anything. Sorry, it won’t happen again.

This is a very shameful act, even small girls are not safe in Pakistan. It is often seen and heard that many such cases have happened with girls before. After watching the viral video, users have shared some reactions expressing their views.

One user writes, ‘Voice of the little girl is so heartbreaking. She will have to bear this trauma throughout her life.’

Another user writes, ‘I love the way Saudi Arabia deals with them. Lays them on a mat and shoots them in front of the public.

Another user writes, ‘Islam glorifies Sex & degrades Women as a sex OBJECT, what more you EXPECT from this boy?’

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