Who is Manish Kashyap? How much he earns? And what is his caste?

Manish Kashyap, an independent journalist and philanthropist, is raising his voice against corruption in Bihar and joins him in this journey through his Sach Tak news channel. He constantly tells people about the shortcomings and frauds taking place in Bihar’s economy and administrative services. Their main objective is to make the public aware and bring positive change in the society.

Manish Kashyap’s style of journalism is liked by millions of people and people watch his videos in lakhs and keep asking in the comments to take the strictest action against the corrupt regime. Manish Kashyap’s real name is Tripurari Kumar Tiwari. In the West Champaran district of Bihar, Manish Kashyap was born on 9 March 1988 in Dumri Mahanwa, a small village. He belongs to a Brahmin caste.

Manish Kashyap, who was interested in studies since childhood, showed excellence in his school. In 2007, he completed his primary education in his village and after clearing class 12th in 2009, he moved to Maharashtra. There, he obtained a civil engineering degree from Savitribai Phule University in 2016. After becoming an engineer, instead of looking for different jobs, Manish turned to his state Bihar, and chose the path of journalism there. Through Sach Tak News, he made the countrymen aware of corruption and contributed to a positive change with his voice.

Manish Kashyap started the Sach Tak news channel on YouTube on July 13, 2018, and began posting videos about government failures and mistakes. According to the information given by Manish Kashyap in the Assembly elections 2020, he has movable assets worth Rs 15 lakh 70 thousand and immovable assets worth Rs 25 lakh. And the total income is Rs 4 lakh 90 thousand.

Many times Manish Kashyap has been embroiled in controversies. For fearlessly speaking the truth about the government and its administration, people accuse him of being domineering and coercive. Many people say that they misbehave with the officers under the cover of cameras.

Recently, people have blamed him in various ways for motivating people through his news channel to help Ayansh, a small child from Patna, Bihar, who is suffering from a special disease called SMA Type 1. Actually, one injection for this disease costs Rs 16 crore. However, Ayansh’s parents do not have that much money for Ayansh’s treatment. Due to this, they are appealing to people for help.

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