Boyfriend of Jyoti Maurya, Manish Dubey suspended- read full details

The situation around former SDM Jyoti Maurya has taken another unexpected turn. This time, however, Jyoti Maurya was not the center of attention. This time, however, the focus is on his partner. National Guard Commander Manish Dubey is the subject of three new lawsuits. Among other related measures, Manish Dubey has also been suspended.

Alok Maurya has accused both his wife Jyoti Maurya and Manish Dubey of having an extramarital affair. Alok Maurya testified that they were both found at the government residence without authorization. Then, A Jyoti and Alok made a number of false charges against one another.  But Alok triumphed, and Jyoti Maurya, who was conceited and malicious, lost her position.

The story is not over yet, commandant home guard Manish Dubey is yet to be involved in the investigation. It is Yogi Ji’s government, none of the accused will be spared. Along with Jyoti Maurya, two other cases have also been registered against Manish Dubey. On which action is being investigated?

3 cases were registered against Manish Dubey

Manish Dubey, the Commandant Home Guard, is charged with engaging in an extramarital liaison with Jyoti Maurya in the first instance. Manish Dubey is accused of calling a woman alone in the second incident and stopping her work when the woman did not show up. The focus of a third case now involves Manish Dubey’s wife. Manish Dubey allegedly wanted an 80 lakh rupee dowry, according to his wife.

The inquiry into these instances, which turned up a lot of additional material, led to the placement of Manish Dubey on administrative leave. The government has received the case’s investigative report as a potential next step.

Whatever Jyoti Maurya and Manish Dubey performed was wrong and dishonourable. This has not only affected the career of both of them but has also turned the happiness of the two families into sorrow. Also ruined the life of the children of the Alok Maurya.

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